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The quality of the panels is guaranteed and it is a mid-to-high end product that is water resistant, corrosion resistant and moisture resistant, relatively more durable than other panels, and the product is stable and can be used for a long time. Hollow wall panels plus are an environmentally friendly material, and are even easier to install than others, requiring only a flat wall surface for direct installation. It saves time and effort, the installation process is easy, there are no complex rigid requirements for the wall, and there are no special technical requirements for the installers as long as they are carpenters who can do it. After installation, you can move in immediately. Thanks to the environmentally friendly materials used, there is also no trouble with formaldehyde and odour, and virtually no harmful substances and harmful gas volatilization.

The panels also have a high degree of hardness, and because they are water and moisture resistant, the walls are relatively easy to scrub compared to others. Surfaces covered with bamboo and wood texture can give customers a rich texture and natural warmth in the atmosphere. Whether it is the design of the space, the ambience or the performance of the installation from any angle, it gives the customer a more satisfying experience.

  • Product Parameters

    Weight Width Splicing Method Regular Size
    6kg 600mm  P seam and V seam 2600/2800/3200/4000mm

    INSOUL is professional China custom Hollow Wall Panel Plus suppliers and OEM/ODM Hollow Wall Panel Plus factory, we specialize in WPC panels Specializing in the design, production and sales of wood-plastic wall panels. We have a management team with over 10 years of experience in panel manufacturing, sales and marketing. To ensure the high quality and novelty of the products, we have developed our own technical team, we cooperate with various designers and architects to meet the needs of clients all over the world. According to customer needs custom Hollow Wall Panel Plus for sale online.
  • Textures and Colors

    wood texture

    solid color


    flower series
  • Property

  • Application

    Introduction to Wall Panels:
    WPC wall panel is a new type of interior decoration material that integrates the traditional look of wood with the durability of composite materials. It has various specifications and a good decorative effect. It is often used in interior wall decoration.

    It has the characteristics of lightweight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, waterproof, flame retardant, easy install, not easy to deform, moisture-proof, insect-proof and ant-proof. It solves the problem that many interior decoration materials are easy to rot, expand and deform after absorbing water in humid and watery environments.
    With its dustproof, Eco-friendly, antibacterial,anti-ultraviolet,formaldehyde-free, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, quick installation, various colors, waterproof and fireproof, mildew proof and so on.

    WPC wall panel is suitable for all interior environment decoration,both for private use and commercial us,such as It can be used in many application scenarios, such as hotels, homes, bathrooms, schools, offices, hospitals, etc. Ideal for decorating or refurbishing building walls.

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • School

    • School

    • School

    • School

    • School

    • Hospital


  • Service

    Insoul is professional in production, design, research, and sales. We have a strong product research and development and design team which is very professional in color and structure. We can provide comprehensive wall assembly system solutions. And we have professional installation instructions and a full set of wall panel accessories, which can solve 99% of wall panel installation problems. If you want to know the product quality, samples can be sent to you for reference!

    With an experienced and professional export team, we can help you solve many import problems with Chinese supplier, like consolidation, customs, transport etc.
    ● Deisgn
    ● Installation istruction
    ● Combination
    ● Sample

  • Insoul project references

    Artyzen Habitat Hotel Beijing
    Yuhe International Hotel Beijing
    The Beaufort Hotel Guangdong
    GreenTree Hotel Group
    Hangzhou Jiangnan Banquet Hotel
    Geshan Prince Hotel Zhejiang
    Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel
    Sanmenwan Landison Square Hotel
    Mountains Beyond The Mountains Building Changzhou
    Changping University of Chemical Technology Beijing
    Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital
    Dongyang Second People's Hospital
    Beijing Haidian District Government Office Building
    Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Office Building
    Sichuan office in Beijing
    Henan Building, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  • Pay attention to the brand

    INSOUL works together with WPC wall panel inventor, with 10years of experience in WPC wall panel manufacturing and research, now we have more than 300 distributors in China mainland, and start exporting since 2020. We always remember to offer qualified interior wall panel products to customers and keep stable and sustainable suppliers for business partners.

    As an enterprise that attaches great importance to brand building, INSOUL always insist on quality first, service best, pioneering and innovative, constantly updating structure and color, and leading the latest trend in the WPC wall panel industry.







  • How to install INSOUL WPC wall panel

    INSOUL WPC wall panel is Lightweight but strong, it is designed to install quickly and easily by Do-It-Yourselfers and professionals alike.

    Whether you‘re considering DIY your own room or hiring a professional,our Installation instruction has everything you need to know when installing INSOUL products. We even can offer tools for you.

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Industry knowledge

What are some common applications of hollow wall panels in interior design?

Hollow wall panels have become a popular choice in interior design due to their versatility and numerous applications. These panels, also known as hollow core panels, feature a lightweight construction with an empty space in the middle, which provides several advantages when it comes to interior design.
One of the most common applications of hollow wall panels in interior design is for creating partition walls. These panels offer a quick and affordable solution for dividing a large space into smaller functional areas. For example, in office settings, hollow wall panels can be used to create individual workstations or separate meeting rooms. In residential interiors, they can be utilized to divide open-concept living spaces into distinct zones such as a living area, dining area, and kitchen.
Another popular application of hollow wall panels is for creating built-in storage solutions. These panels can be used to construct custom-made cabinets, shelves, or closets. Their hollow nature allows for concealed wiring, making it easier to install lighting fixtures or electrical outlets if needed. Moreover, the lightweight nature of these panels simplifies installation and allows for easy modification in case of future layout changes.
Hollow wall panels are widely used in the creation of false ceilings or suspended ceiling systems. This application provides a clean and sleek look to the space while hiding unsightly plumbing, ductwork, or electrical wiring. The hollow space within the panels also allows for easy installation of recessed lighting fixtures or speakers. Additionally, these panels offer better sound insulation than other ceiling materials, making them an ideal choice for spaces that require acoustic control, such as theaters or recording studios.
Soundproofing is another notable application of hollow wall panels in interior design. The empty space within the panels acts as a sound buffer, reducing noise transmission between rooms. This makes them useful for creating quiet zones in commercial settings, such as conference rooms or private offices. In residential interiors, hollow wall panels can be employed to minimize noise transfer between bedrooms, bathrooms, or home theaters.
Hollow wall panels are also gaining popularity as a decorative element in interior design. They can be used to add texture, depth, and visual interest to walls. These panels are available in a wide range of finishes, including wood veneer, laminate, PVC, fabric, or metal, allowing for endless design possibilities. Whether used as an accent wall or to cover an entire room, hollow wall panels can create a striking focal point in any space.

Can hollow wall panels be easily installed and removed if needed?

Yes, one of the advantages of hollow wall panels is that they can be easily installed and removed if needed. The lightweight nature of these panels makes them easier to handle and maneuver during installation. They can be attached to framing or support structures using various methods such as screws, nails, adhesives, or even a clip-on system.
When it comes to removal, hollow wall panels offer relatively straightforward and hassle-free disassembly. This is particularly beneficial in situations where access to utilities or behind-wall services is required. Unlike solid wall panels, hollow wall panels can be detached without causing significant damage or disruption to the surrounding area. This makes them suitable for applications such as commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, and other spaces where flexibility and easy access are essential.
The removable feature of hollow wall panels allows for convenient maintenance, repair, or modification of the interior space. For example, in office settings, where the layout may need to be adjusted frequently due to changing needs or office reconfigurations, these panels can easily be taken down, repositioned, or replaced with minimal effort and time.
Furthermore, hollow wall panels offer an added advantage of concealing wiring, plumbing, or other services within the hollow space. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also provides functional benefits by securely hiding unsightly utilities. In cases where changes or repairs are necessary, the hollow spaces within the panels allow for easy access and adjustments without tearing down the entire wall.
It is worth noting that the ease of installation and removal may vary depending on the specific type and design of hollow wall panels. Some panels may have specialized installation mechanisms or proprietary systems that require specific techniques or tools. Therefore, it is essential to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions for proper installation and removal procedures.

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