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Metal Profile 6Y08 Folding Angle and Wrapping Angle

Now our company has a variety of light source lines, matching lines with the same color, extremely narrow I-line and unilateral closing lines, including a variety of closing lines of various shapes. Such as, multi-coloured matching lines, spaced I-beams, and semi-circular corners. The inner-arc and outer-arc rounded corners now developed are the common style demanded by the market, and they are mainly matched with the same color, and all the films on the color cards can be reproduced with the same color. There are also arc closure strips, which can be perfect closure for curved shapes. All the lines are made of original aluminum, southwest aluminum, and the exterior is a paint process that adds antioxidant treatment and does not change and fade, even if it takes a long time to do so.
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    INSOUL is professional China custom Metal Profile 6Y08 Folding Angle and Wrapping Angle suppliers and OEM/ODM Metal Profile 6Y08 Folding Angle and Wrapping Angle factory, we specialize in WPC panels Specializing in the design, production and sales of wood-plastic wall panels. We have a management team with over 10 years of experience in panel manufacturing, sales and marketing. To ensure the high quality and novelty of the products, we have developed our own technical team, we cooperate with various designers and architects to meet the needs of clients all over the world. According to customer needs custom Metal Profile 6Y08 Folding Angle and Wrapping Angle for sale online.
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    Introduction to Wall Panels:
    WPC wall panel is a new type of interior decoration material that integrates the traditional look of wood with the durability of composite materials. It has various specifications and a good decorative effect. It is often used in interior wall decoration.

    It has the characteristics of lightweight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, waterproof, flame retardant, easy install, not easy to deform, moisture-proof, insect-proof and ant-proof. It solves the problem that many interior decoration materials are easy to rot, expand and deform after absorbing water in humid and watery environments.
    With its dustproof, Eco-friendly, antibacterial,anti-ultraviolet,formaldehyde-free, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, quick installation, various colors, waterproof and fireproof, mildew proof and so on.

    WPC wall panel is suitable for all interior environment decoration,both for private use and commercial us,such as It can be used in many application scenarios, such as hotels, homes, bathrooms, schools, offices, hospitals, etc. Ideal for decorating or refurbishing building walls.

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

    • Commercial use

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    • School

    • School

    • School

    • School

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    Insoul is professional in production, design, research, and sales. We have a strong product research and development and design team which is very professional in color and structure. We can provide comprehensive wall assembly system solutions. And we have professional installation instructions and a full set of wall panel accessories, which can solve 99% of wall panel installation problems. If you want to know the product quality, samples can be sent to you for reference!

    With an experienced and professional export team, we can help you solve many import problems with Chinese supplier, like consolidation, customs, transport etc.
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  • Insoul project references

    Artyzen Habitat Hotel Beijing
    Yuhe International Hotel Beijing
    The Beaufort Hotel Guangdong
    GreenTree Hotel Group
    Hangzhou Jiangnan Banquet Hotel
    Geshan Prince Hotel Zhejiang
    Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel
    Sanmenwan Landison Square Hotel
    Mountains Beyond The Mountains Building Changzhou
    Changping University of Chemical Technology Beijing
    Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital
    Dongyang Second People's Hospital
    Beijing Haidian District Government Office Building
    Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Office Building
    Sichuan office in Beijing
    Henan Building, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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    INSOUL works together with WPC wall panel inventor, with 10years of experience in WPC wall panel manufacturing and research, now we have more than 300 distributors in China mainland, and start exporting since 2020. We always remember to offer qualified interior wall panel products to customers and keep stable and sustainable suppliers for business partners.

    As an enterprise that attaches great importance to brand building, INSOUL always insist on quality first, service best, pioneering and innovative, constantly updating structure and color, and leading the latest trend in the WPC wall panel industry.







  • How to install INSOUL WPC wall panel

    INSOUL WPC wall panel is Lightweight but strong, it is designed to install quickly and easily by Do-It-Yourselfers and professionals alike.

    Whether you‘re considering DIY your own room or hiring a professional,our Installation instruction has everything you need to know when installing INSOUL products. We even can offer tools for you.

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Industry knowledge

What is the purpose of a wrapping angle in the context of Metal Profile 6Y08?

In the context of Metal Profile 6Y08 and its use in construction, a ""wrapping angle"" serves a specific and vital purpose. A wrapping angle, also known as a folded or bent angle, refers to a component of Metal Profile 6Y08 that has been expertly shaped to form an angular structure. This is typically achieved by bending, folding, or shaping the metal profile at specific angles, depending on the requirements of the construction project. The purpose of a wrapping angle can be multifaceted, and it plays a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity, aesthetics, and functionality of various architectural and construction applications.
The primary purposes of a wrapping angle in the context of Metal Profile 6Y08 are as follows:
Enhanced Aesthetics: One of the primary reasons for using wrapping angles in Metal Profile 6Y08 is to enhance the visual appeal of the construction or architectural element. Wrapping angles can create clean, crisp lines and sharp corners, adding a polished and finished look to the structure. They help to create a seamless transition between different sections of the metal profile, giving the appearance of a well-constructed and professional finish.
Improved Structural Support: Wrapping angles significantly contribute to the structural stability of a construction project. By bending or folding Metal Profile 6Y08 at specific angles, it becomes more rigid and capable of withstanding various types of loads, including vertical, horizontal, and shear forces. This is especially important in applications where the metal profile is used for framing, support beams, or load-bearing components.
Protection and Durability: Wrapping angles can serve as protective elements, shielding vulnerable parts of the structure from potential damage. By creating angles, the metal profile can be used to cover or wrap around edges, corners, or joints, preventing wear and tear and extending the lifespan of the construction element. This is particularly valuable in high-traffic areas or in applications subject to impact or abrasion.
Seamless Integration: When constructing walls, ceilings, or other architectural elements, wrapping angles ensure that Metal Profile 6Y08 integrates seamlessly with other materials and components. This is particularly important in applications such as cladding or paneling, where the metal profile needs to blend smoothly with other building materials, maintaining a unified and attractive appearance.

Are there any specific tools or equipment required to work with Metal Profile 6Y08 for folding and wrapping angles?

Working with Metal Profile 6Y08 for folding and wrapping angles requires a set of specific tools and equipment to ensure precision, safety, and efficiency. These tools are essential for manipulating the metal profile, achieving accurate bends, and maintaining the structural integrity of the final product. 
Metal Brake or Press Brake: A metal brake, also known as a press brake, is a fundamental tool for bending and shaping Metal Profile 6Y08. It allows for precise folding at specific angles. Press brakes come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different project requirements.
Angle Finder or Protractor: To achieve the desired angles accurately, an angle finder or protractor is essential. This tool ensures that the Metal Profile 6Y08 is bent to the correct degree, meeting the project's design and structural specifications.
Measuring and Marking Tools: Accurate measurements are crucial in metal bending. Tape measures, rulers, and marking tools such as scribers or chalk help mark the locations where bends need to be made.
Metal Cutting Tools: Metal Profile 6Y08 may need to be cut to size before or after bending. Tools like metal shears, reciprocating saws, or angle grinders equipped with metal-cutting blades are commonly used for this purpose.
Clamps and Vises: Holding the metal securely in place during bending is essential to maintain precision. Clamps and vises provide the necessary stability while working with the metal profile.
Safety Gear: Working with metal profiles involves potential risks. Safety gear such as safety glasses, gloves, and ear protection should be worn to protect against sharp edges, flying debris, and noise associated with metalworking.
Workbench or Worktable: A stable work surface is necessary for accurately bending and shaping the metal profile. A sturdy workbench or worktable provides the necessary support for the tools and equipment used in the process.
Cutting Lubricant: When cutting or bending metal, using a cutting lubricant or coolant helps reduce friction and heat, prolonging the life of cutting tools and preventing damage to the metal.
Deburring Tools: After cutting and bending, sharp edges or burrs may be present on the metal profile. Deburring tools like files or deburring knives are used to smooth these edges, ensuring safety and a clean finish.
Welding Equipment (if required): In some cases, welding may be necessary to join or secure the bent metal profile to other components. Welding equipment, including welding machines, electrodes, and protective gear, is needed for this process.
Level and Square: To ensure that the metal profile maintains its alignment and angles accurately, a level and square are important tools for checking and confirming the precision of the bends.
Fasteners and Anchors: Depending on the project, fasteners such as screws, bolts, or anchors may be required to secure the bent metal profile in its intended location. These should be selected based on the specific project's needs.
Pneumatic or Hydraulic Assist: For heavy-duty or large-scale projects, a pneumatic or hydraulic assist can be used with a press brake to apply significant force for bending thick or large metal profiles.

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