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Will The WPC Wall Panel Fade?

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  You probably have bad experiences year after year with traditional wood wall panels, and painted and stained floors. You may have doubts when choosing a WPC wall panel: Will the WPC wall panel fade?

  To answer this question, we first need to understand the manufacturing process of the WPC wall panel. We add color pigments during the production process, so the color will permeate through the whole product, making it not easy to fade. Therefore, no painting or staining is required for later use. In our Capped Composite Decking, a plastic cover is added to the surrounding surface for additional protection against fading, further preventing fading from the sun, winter rain, and snow.

  However, WPC wall panels are not completely colorfast. No product will 100% retain the same color after years of exposure to intense light. As with all wood products, the color will fade over time when exposed to the natural elements. WPC wall panel will experience natural weathering within 3~6 months and then fade and stabilize. In general, for WPC wall panels, the impact of the sun's ultraviolet rays is much smaller than when using traditional wood decorative panels.

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