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Why Choose WPC Decorative Wall Panel?

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  Nowadays, WPC decorative wall panels are very popular in the decoration industry. WPC decorative wall panels are green and environmentally friendly wall decoration materials. It has the characteristics of flame retardancy, fire prevention, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, easy cleaning, and convenient installation. It can replace wall decoration materials such as paint, wallpaper, and tiles on the market, and meets people's requirements for a healthy life. Therefore, more and more people choose to use WPC decorative wall panels. So the question is since WPC decorative wall panel is so good, are other wall decoration materials not good? So, let's compare WPC decorative wall panels with other wall decoration materials to see what are the specific advantages!

  Paint VS WPC decorative wall panel

  Coatings are rich in color, diverse in products, easy to construct, and have a wide range of applications because of their low price. But the paint is a polymer compound after all, and it will emit harmful gases by itself. In addition to being affected by the weather, paint construction has high requirements for color matching and painting techniques, otherwise, color differences are prone to occur. WPC decorative wall panel has rich decorative patterns, including wallpaper series, European style series, marble series, wood grain series, cartoon series, and custom series, which are more decorative. Because the raw materials used are all environmentally friendly and pollution-free, the existence of formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC pollution is eliminated, and it can be moved in after decoration without any harm to people.

  Wallpaper VS WPC decorative wall panel

  The basic material of the wallpaper is paper, but it is not limited to paper, and also includes other materials. From the perspective of raw material composition, wallpaper is more environmentally friendly than paint, and the decoration is more beautiful and fashionable. However, glue is needed for wallpaper construction, and glue is also household formaldehyde. one of the sources. The fatal disadvantage of wallpaper is that it has poor moisture resistance and the surface cannot be cleaned. Once it gets wet, it will become moldy and fall off. The general service life is 5-8 years. The WPC decorative wall panel is directly installed on the wall of the rough house through one process, and the installation speed is fast. The whole wall of the house can be completed in 7-15 days, which saves a lot of labor costs. Integrated high-temperature film coating process on the wall, with super waterproof and moisture-proof performance, the surface is water-resistant and scrubbable, does not fade, and has a service life of several decades.

  Tile VS WPC decorative wall panel

  Ceramic tiles are made of kaolin clay fired at high temperatures. After surface glaze treatment, they are wear-resistant and easy to clean. However, the disadvantage is that they have poor moisture-proof performance. Especially on southerly days, when warm air meets cold tiles, water droplets will form, causing indoor wetness. The construction of tiles is also relatively cumbersome, with a total thickness of 2 cm, occupying a large amount of indoor area.

  WPC decorative wall panel has very good moisture-proof performance, which can avoid the phenomenon of water droplets hanging on the wall. The lightweight material and assembled construction not only make the decoration more efficient and the construction more environmentally friendly, but also help reduce the load bearing of the building. It is a prefabricated decorative material supported by the state.

  Diatom mud VS WPC decorative wall panel

  The main raw material of diatom mud is diatomaceous earth, which is a modern environmental protection wall material. It can be painted at will during construction and has a strong artistic quality. However, the disadvantage of diatom mud is that it cannot be scrubbed, and the porous characteristics are easy to hide dirt and dust. In addition, the high cost of diatom mud, difficulty to clean, and water resistance determine the limited use of diatom mud.

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