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What is the material of wpc wall panel

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WPC (wood plastic composite),is a new type of composite material.It is made of raw material of natural bamboo powder, wood powder, light calcium carbonate, polymer resin,supplemented by flame retardant, waterproof agent, stabilizer, paraffin, etc. And manufactured by high temperature production extrusion molding, molding, film coating and other processing processes.

  Bamboo powder, the first major raw material of wpc wall panel, is mainly made of natural fiber bamboo fiber, which has good air permeability, instant water absorption, flexibility and other characteristics, as well as natural antibacterial, insect control, and mite removal.  deodorant and anti-ultraviolet function.
Wood powder, the second main raw material of wpc wall panel, wood powder is also a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly raw material, which has the characteristics of heat preservation, insulation, strong acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
Light calcium carbonate, also called as calcium powder, stone powder, has good water absorption and insect-proof effect, and can enhance the hardness of wpc wall panel.
Resin, namely PVC, is used for the surface lamination of wpc wall panelUse PUR hot-melt adhesive. After high temperature pressing, it is tightly bonded to the board without fading, yellowing or falling off.
Flame retardants, stabilizers, paraffin and other accessories make the wpc wall panel with fireproof and waterproof performance, the panel is easy to clean, resistant to deformation, and durable.

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