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What Are The Materials Of Interior Wall Panels?

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  Interior wall panel is a kind of decorative material decoration, but it also has many kinds. Let's take a look at what materials and their advantages are included in the interior wall panel, hoping to help you to choose.

  I. What are the materials of interior wall panels?

  1. decorative panel

  Its thickness can reach three centimeters, and it is a high-grade decorative wallboard material, which is also called a panel in the market. The decorative panel is a decorative wallboard material with a certain decorative effect, which is made by using plywood as the base material, and then adding a thin solid board cut into about 0.2mm by gluing.

  What are the materials of interior wall panels?

  2. Blockboard

  Blockboard is mainly composed of two veneers glued and spliced together, so it is also called a big core board in the industry. In the market, this kind of decorative wallboard material has strong bending and compression resistance in the transverse direction of the core material, but it is weak in the vertical direction, so its price will be lower than that of a thin core board.

  3. Fiberboard

  Fiberboard is a kind of artificial decorative wallboard material made by adding plant fiber or wood fiber into urea-formaldehyde resin or other adhesives. It is also called a density board, and it can be divided into low-density boards, medium-density boards, and high-density boards according to different densities. It has good processability and soft texture, so it becomes one of the most commonly used materials for home decoration.

  What are the advantages of interior wallboard materials?

  4. Solid wood board

  It is a kind of decorative wallboard material made of complete wood material, which has natural wood texture and natural firmness and has a long service life. Because the solid wood board has high cost and construction standards, there is no uniform specification and standard in the market, and there is no actual name classification.

  Second, what are the advantages of interior wallboard materials?

  1. The sound insulation effect is good, but the sound insulation effect of the inner wall panel can meet the sound insulation requirements of the national residence, which is better than that of other walls.

  2. The material is lighter. The weight of one square wall panel is 60±2kg, while the weight of a brick-concrete wall is about 80% higher than this, so the cost of use is also reduced.

  3. The compressive strength is also strong, and its compressive strength can reach 5MPa.

  4. It has high waterproof performance, and the material structure of the inner wall panel is relatively tight, so the waterproof performance is relatively good, and it is suitable for use in places with humid spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

  5. It has good environmental protection performance, the use of materials will not produce harmful substances to the human body, and it conforms to the national G/T169-2005 standard, and belongs to non-radioactive Class A products.

  6. The fire resistance is good, and the fire resistance limit can exceed 4 hours at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. Even if it is used at a high temperature, it will emit poison, and the fire resistance can reach the national A-level standard.

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