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Three Points To Look At For Bamboo And Wood Fiber Wall Panels

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  Now, more and more people use the integrated wall panel for decoration, and various brands emerge one after another. Today, I will bring you three simple ways to easily and quickly differentiate the quality of bamboo and wood fiber wall panels.

  1. Formaldehyde content

  Substrate: Most of the substrates of bamboo and wood wall panels do not contain formaldehyde, but the heavy metal content of substrates produced from recycled materials will exceed the standard. A heavy metal detection reagent can be used to detect whether there is discoloration on the surface of the substrate (no discoloration means no heavy metals).

  Lamination glue: The irritating smell of the wall panel mainly comes from the glue and surface decoration film used for lamination. All brands of bamboo and wood wall panels are sprayed with pur hot melt adhesive, which conforms to EO-level environmental protection standards and has no peculiar smell during the production process.

  Surface decoration film: The integrated wall panel has surface decoration materials such as PVC, PP, fabric, leather, etc. Among them, PVC and PP are divided into water-based ink and oil-based ink. The water-based film has no peculiar smell and no VOC, while the oil-based film has a pungent odor and exceeds the VOC standard.

  2. How is the service life

  The service life of bamboo and wood fiber wall panels depends on the quality of the substrate. If recycled materials are produced, or too much PVC and calcium powder are added, the physical properties of the board meet the standards, but the toughness and stability are poor, and cracks and deformation may occur if the decoration time is too long. The color of the base material of the brand wall panel is light beige, the texture is fine, the hand feel is smooth, and there are no impurities.

  The stability of the sheet is also related to the density of the material. In the same material, the density is relatively easy to expand and contract with the naked eye.

  The specific service life should be compared with the warranty period promised by the brand. If the warranty period is longer, the service life will be guaranteed. If there is no warranty commitment or contract description, then the so-called 30-year, 50-year service life is meaningless!

  3. How about the decorative effect

  The actual effect is closely related to the decorative wall panel on the surface of the sheet. There are inevitably some differences between electronic maps and real objects, resulting in the "best order" of the renderings. The texture of the design and the color of objects has a big impact on the effect. These two seemingly similar films may have very different decorations. So be sure to see the truth and carefully compare the actual color effects of different brands, which is the key to ensuring the decoration effect.

  There are many specifications for bamboo and wood wall panels on the market. The mainstream ones are V-shaped seam panels, flat seam panels, modeling panels, and large unbounded panels. Flat seam panels are mostly used in ceiling areas, while ordinary walls are mainly wide panels. In addition to the choice of style and main color, the overall decoration is recommended to be carried out according to the brand's design plan, to achieve relatively better results and reduce losses.

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