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The Increasingly Diverse Wood Wall Panels

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  In recent years, more and more wood wall panels are used in indoor and outdoor places such as hotels, hospitals, KTVs, restaurants, etc. The products conform to the current environmental protection consumption concept and meet the market demand. Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing, and plastic wood wall panels have emerged as the times require.

  The sound insulation effect of the wood wall panel can reach 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of a solid wall. It can effectively solve the water noise of the sewer pipe when used in the toilet. It can also be applied to various soundproof rooms in factories. The plastic wood material combines the characteristics of wood and plastic. Therefore, it is widely used in construction products and the automotive industry, and its applications in interior and exterior decoration are becoming more and more diverse.

  The wood wall panel can be directly mounted on the wall with screws without a chassis, which can save 5-10 cm of space. The flat decoration of the traditional wall is upgraded to a three-dimensional multi-level decoration effect, which sublimates the beauty of the space, and people in the space can reduce the heavy accumulation in life. Let go of your soul. As far as the current situation of building materials in China is concerned, traditional building materials still account for a large proportion, but some traditional materials will cause a lot of pollution during the installation process. Quality dictates that the thicker the wallboard, the more space it takes up and the less usable space is lost. 

  As a basic material, plastic-wood composite materials are widely used in the construction industry, building materials industry, decorative material industry, furniture industry, and other industrial products, and can be processed into sound-absorbing panels, wooden ceilings, door frames, floors, skirting boards, door edges, and wall panels. and other moldings, shutters, fences, handrails, sheets of all sizes, and everyday home decor. The application range involves theaters, concert halls, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. Easy to scrub without deformation, the product surface hardness is strong. It can be directly wiped with a cloth, which effectively solves the cost of later maintenance.

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