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Talking About The Maintenance Of Wood Wall Panel

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The wood wall panel is a kind of floor with excellent performance, not easy to deformed, wear-resistant, and moisture-proof, and its biggest feature is environmental protection. Plastic wood floors have become the choice of many people. I believe that more and more people will choose to decorate plastic floors in the future. But the price is also high due to the high-quality plastic floor material. For those who pay more for an economical renovation, how to properly maintain such a floor is even more important. Today, the plastic wood manufacturer introduced the maintenance method of the wood wall panel.

First of all, the WPC manufacturer recommends that the wood wall panel should be cleaned after decoration. The method is to mix hot water with soap, then use a stiff brush dipped in soapy water to clean the surface of plastic wood floors to effectively remove dirt and debris from the floor.

Second, we can gently wipe the signs on the side of the plastic wood floor with an alcohol-soaked cloth or paper.

Third, if the plastic wood floor is contaminated with oil, do not turn a blind eye, it should be cleaned with an oil-based detergent immediately.

Fourth, if the stain is caused by pigmentation due to the weather conditions of the floor, we can clean it with a rust remover.

Wall panel manufacturers say that due to the higher price of wood wall panels, consumers need more careful and correct maintenance.

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