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Selection Of Interior Decoration Wall Panels

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  The options for interior decoration wall panels are: 1. Imitation marble decorative panel, this material is characterized by anti-aging, not easy to scratch, excellent fireproof and waterproof performance; 2. The embossed panel, this material is characterized by a strong three-dimensional effect The service life is relatively long; 3. Integrated wallboard, which is a natural and environmentally friendly material, is more convenient to install; 4. Wall panel, which has strong compression resistance and can effectively protect the wall; The material is cost-effective.

  1. Imitation marble decorative board

  The surface of this material is specially treated, it is not easy to scratch, and its anti-aging ability is also strong. At the same time, this material has good fire resistance and waterproof performance. The pattern of the imitation marble decorative board is also very beautiful, so it has a strong decorative ability. Of course, this material also has disadvantages, for example, the material is relatively heavy and the texture is slightly worse.

  2. Embossed board

  Many boards belong to this category, such as marble boards and gypsum boards. The remarkable feature of this kind of board is that it has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the surface will have some concave-convex patterns. The physical structure of this board is stable, so the service life is relatively long, and it also has a very good heat preservation and heat insulation effect. Noise reduction function.

  3. Integrated wall panels

  This is a very environmentally friendly material. The biggest feature of the integrated wall panel is that it is relatively convenient to install. At the same time, this kind of material is also very strong in compressive strength. Since this kind of material can adjust the humidity in the room, if you choose this kind of material for decoration, the effect of indoor heat preservation and energy saving is also superior.

  4. Wall panels

  Because the clapboard has strong compressive strength and relatively high folding strength, choosing this material can indeed better protect the wall. In addition, the decorative effect of this material is also good, with more styles and richer colors.

  5. Soft stone decorative board

  This material is made of marble powder and some polymer materials, and it is a high-grade decorative plate. The surface of the soft stone decorative board has a marble texture and some other patterns, so the decorative effect is quite good. The biggest feature of this material is that it is relatively simple to install, it is high in quality and low in price, and has a high-cost performance.

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