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Reasons For Cracking Of WPC Decorative Wall Panel

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  The popularity of WPC decorative wall panels has become popular, and the evaluation of it is mixed. If it is good, it is natural to say that it is good. If there is a problem, it is said that the effect is not good. We cannot make generalizations. Most of the problems that occur are the cracking of the WPC decorative wall panel. If you want to solve this problem, you have to find out the reason. Let's take a look at the reasons for the cracking of the WPC decorative wall panel.

  1. The original wall problem

  There is a problem with the quality of the wall at the beginning, which will lead to the cracking of the wall after the WPC decorative wall panel is decorated. There are two common problems with the original wall: one is the cracks and hollowing of the plastering layer; the other is the empty putty layer. drum. Cracks or hollows in the plaster layer and putty layer are mostly caused by the developers' poor quality of raw materials, wrong proportions, careless construction, and non-standard construction during construction. Therefore, the residents must carefully check the quality of the wall when closing the house. Once any problem is found, special instructions must be made during the decoration for targeted treatment.

  2. House structure problems

  Sometimes, the original walls of many houses have no problems or have been treated accordingly, but after the WPC decorative wall panel is decorated, cracks will gradually appear over time. Why? The reason lies in the almost inevitable house settlement. There are two types of housing structure problems. One is housing settlement. Housing settlement is mostly caused by uneven foundation settlement, which is more common in old-fashioned multi-story apartment houses. The second is the deformation and settlement of the gypsum ceiling. For the sake of convenience, some decoration companies replace the drywall nails prescribed for the keel and gypsum board with row nails, which will cause the gypsum board ceiling to crack over time, and if the drywall nails are directly painted with putty without anti-corrosion treatment, in the future, there will be protruding nail holes on the surface of the ceiling due to rust.

  It can be seen from this that if you find that the WPC decorative wall panel is cracked, don't worry about the quality of the wall panel. Most of the time, the WPC decorative wall panel is cracked due to the structure of the house itself. Therefore, you should pay more attention to this aspect to ensure the use effect.

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