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Introduction To The Installation And Processing Process Of Wall Panel

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  1. Tools should be used in the whole process of wall panel installation. The construction team should check whether the tools are systematic and complete before the construction of the project. If it is not intact, it can be used. For the type of measuring instrument, it has been customized and formulated after inspection. If it does not exceed the application requirements, it should be replaced and repaired immediately. wall panel

  2. Establish the scope of engineering construction, and check whether the new projects such as the basic epoxy floor wall meet the relevant standards in the construction drawings of the design plan and whether the wall installation regulations and fire safety and anti-fouling technology meet the application standards and relevant requirements.

  There are several levels to consider:

  (1) The distance between the wall, the working surface, and the center line;

  (2) Compare the reference surface to find the interval and position of the control points, paying special attention to visibility;

  (3) Compare the reference surface to find the installation angle interval;

  (4) The level difference between the control design elevation; wall panel

  (5) The vertical distance from the building and the distance from each floor.

  3. Stakeout: Stakeout (partition wall axis) according to the drawing and on-site evaluation specifications, and pop out the ground rail center line at the intersection of the two edge axes and the road surface. Make sure that the four lines are in a positive vertical plane, and ensure that the installation wall is vertical.

  4. Sky rail: The installation should be neat, the joints should be reinforced and repaired, and nails and screws should not be fixed on the concrete ceiling.

  5. Ground rail: When installing the ground rail, the installation part of the door should be pre-buried, and special attention should be paid to the problem of ground difference. If the height of the road surface is much different, it must be leveled to reduce the undulations, without harming the adjustment level, the screws should not be fixed on the floor, and the ground seams are too large to be filled with jointing agent. wall panel

  6. Edge trimming: According to the actual maximum measurement value, the laser cutting edge is trimmed, and the edge needs to be trimmed after laser cutting. The regulations are uniform and the same, and the junctions are stipulated without gaps. Special attention should be paid to the connection of the skirting line to ensure that there is no gap.

  7. Longitudinal main keel: Set up a longitudinal main keel (which is more than half of the baffle specification - the vertical poles on both sides of the door frame), which are fixed up and down, left and right, so as not to shake, add a vertical main keel in the opposite direction.

  8. Transverse piercing main keel: the elevation exceeds about 3 meters, and the vertical orientation is 1.14 meters. Place one, the two butt joints must overlap, and the overlap length should not be less than 10cm.

  9. Wall panels: The color steel tiles are installed from one side at the beginning, and they are installed in sequence, and the interval between the connecting panels is 12mm. In the middle of the baffle, a decorative strip with a total width of 12mm should be used, and the standard wall panels can be exchanged. wall panel

  10. Decorative wall panel solution.

  11. The installation is complete:

  After the metal material color steel sandwich panel building curtain wall is installed, tear off the protective tape on the surface of the wall panel layer by layer, and remove the frame at the same time. During the dismantling, special attention should be paid to maintaining the wall panels, and the construction of all the curtain wall works should be carried out without being knocked or scratched. The surface decoration design of building curtain wall prefabricated components on the construction site causes harm, and sticky substances should be eliminated first.

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