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How To Install PVC Wall Panel

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  When the PVC wall panel is installed, the line should be kept horizontal. According to the level line of the floor, use a ruler to vertically measure the ceiling design elevation, bounce it on the keel position line on the ceiling, and bounce the level line of the ceiling on the wall.

  When installing the keel boom, the ceiling level line and the main keel position line should be played well to determine the elevation of the lower head of the boom. According to the position of the main keel and the hanging distance, the bolt-free wire end of the boom should be fixed under the floor with expansion bolts.

  To install the primary and secondary keels, it is necessary to match the boom nuts, mark the main keel in advance, insert the main keel of the assembled pendant into the corresponding boom bolts according to the position of the grading line, and screw the screws well.

  When installing PVC wall panels, start from the top. When cutting the panels, make sure that the cut surface of the material is straight and free of burrs. The higher the speed of the cutting saw, the fewer the burrs. The size must be within the error of 2mm, otherwise, the seam will be extremely uneven. The above is the content on how to install PVC wall panels. Today, with various types of decorative panels, PVC wall panels are favored by consumers, so they should be prioritized in the selection range when purchasing.

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