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How To Fix PVC Wall Panel To The Wall

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  How to fix the PVC wall panel to the wall:

  1. Use a hammer to punch holes in the four corners of the PVC wallboard, and pay attention to tapping the surrounding areas when drilling holes.

  2. Measure the wall, draw the wallboard on the wall, and mark the overlapping position of the wall and the hole of the PVC wallboard.

  3. Use expansion screws to drill holes on the wall at the marked positions.

  4. Open the side holes of the PVC partitions, insert the wooden components, and fix them on the wall with hooks.

  PVC wall panel:

  PVC wallboard is based on polyvinyl chloride resin, and then adds some additives, such as aging agents, modifiers, etc., and is a decoration material produced by mixing, vacuum forming, and other processing processes. This kind of PVC wallboard has the advantages of moisture resistance, heat insulation, easy cleaning, easy installation, and low price, and is widely used in kitchens and bathrooms.

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