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How About PVC Wall Panel

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  1. The production process of PVC wall panels has the same processability as wood, which can be nailed, sawed, laser cut, and punched. Just use steel nails or bolts to fix the board, the surface texture is very smooth, and there is no need to spray paint. In addition, compared with wood, board walls have more physical advantages and excellent reliability. In daily use, it is not easy to crack, warp, and streak. According to the needs of customers, additives can be added to produce wall products with different color senses through processing, but regular maintenance is required.

  2. Due to their characteristics, PVC wall panel are very easy to resist moisture and has good fire safety performance. At the same time, PVC wall panel is also low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and corrosion-resistant. In the daily maintenance process, there is no need to carry out too much maintenance.

  3. The appearance and texture of PVC wall panels are very similar to solid wood panels but compared with plastic wall materials, they have higher strength and longer service life. In addition, the weight of the board wall is relatively light, which is convenient for the construction team to transport and assemble. It also has a certain degree of wear resistance, making the board wall suitable for walls in many spaces.

  4. PVC wall panel has many patterns and designs, and the colors are rich and colorful so that customers have a lot of choices. The installation of wall panels is very convenient. After the overall wall decoration, the interior decoration taste can be improved in an instant. It is widely used in indoor walls, such as leisure and entertainment clubs, conference centers, etc. Among plastic wall materials, it is a kind of product with more main uses.

  5. In the manufacture of PVC wall panels, flame retardant materials are added, which makes the product have an excellent flame retardant function, and it will extinguish immediately when it sees a fire, which improves the safety factor. At the same time, it is very convenient for daily cleaning and cleaning. You only need to use a towel to wipe off the dirt, so that consumers can feel more at ease.

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