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Background wall panel design

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Background wall decoration is a kind of home decoration art that is widely use in living room TV, sofa background, porch, bedroom etc. With diverse styles,novel conception and advanced technique, it not only meets consumers' decoration needs, but also embodies the artistic aspirations.
           ----------------------------Design Philosophy-----------------------------
Design type:Background wall design
Style:Light luxury modern style
Scheme of Color: high-end comprehensive color、Basic color
          -------------------------DESIGN INSPIRATION------------------------------
Chosing dark wood grain color Insoul YS-003 and Insoul MX-001, embellishing in large area of ​​light colors, a Light and luxurious modern decpration style,calmful and individually,unfoilded before your eyes
The design for the master bedroom, the mainly use advanced gray and bright white, together with novel and diverse modeling panels, makes thewhole room warm and lively.
In the design of the children's room ,the color of the background wall is not only sweet and lovely, but also fresh and natural, which shows the paradise in children's heart.
             -----------------------Design / master bedroom----------------------
Simple profiles,pouring out of beauty,engraves a wonderful work, which makes a short break off possesses touching story and communiction.

The natural space expresses one's elegance and pursue, also a kind of fragrance , a beautiful scenery and also harmonious expression.
The design of master bedroom, background wall based on a large space of same color, together with lighting profiles and same color alumunum profiles for connection, giving people a calm and relaxing mood. In the meantime, retains a broad visual sense.
           -------------------------Design/Children room----------------------------
                The wind is the wings of childhood. anywhere he can goes.

Children always been lovely,  sweet, warm and innocent. The design of children's room is like a cotton will not impact your eyes strongly, neither let you feel depressed, is inconsistent with children's innocence and beautiful fantasy.

The light green makes the room fresh and natural, and the hanging assessories on the background wall and the furnishings in the room also make the room full of fun.
Color matching, simply say, is to place the color in the right place and make a best arrangement.
                                    In the design of Background wall 
                                                Takes from nature
                                Our design injects soul into the room.
                                        Steady, cute and fresh colors
                                   Slowly unfold the design drawings
                                             Contains warmth
                                              Waiting for you ....

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