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What is WPC Wall Panel

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WPC Wall Panel is made of sawdust, wood chips, bamboo chips and other low-plant biomass fibers as the main raw materials.  Using the principle of polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of plastic filling and modification, the entire production process does not contain any glue components, completely avoiding the material due to formaldehyde release causes harm to human body.

The integrated wall is an integrated whole-house decoration solution proposed for the disadvantages of home decoration pollution and cumbersome processes. It is made of bamboo and wood fiber as the main material and extruded at high temperature. In addition to the colorful patterns of wallpaper and paint on the surface, its biggest feature is the surface with a strong 3 D sense and a concave-convex sense. It is a replacement product for wallpaper and paint.

The advantage of WPC Wall Panel:
The materials of WPC Wall Panel
 are manufactured by extrusion process, the color, size and shape of the product can be controlled according to needs, so as to truly realize on-demand customization, minimize the use cost and save forest resources.

It has outstanding environmental protection functions, can be recycled, and almost does not contain harmful substances and toxic gas volatilization. After testing by relevant departments, its formaldehyde release is only 0.3mg/L, which is much lower than the national standard (the national standard is 1.5mg/L), no pollution, and has the characteristics of sound absorption and energy saving, in line with national environmental protection standards and European standards, non-toxic and odorless after decoration, can moved in immediately, is a real green environmental protection product.

The whole house can be installed with WPC Wall Panel according to personal preference, choose horizontal installation, vertical installation, oblique installation and other installation methods, adopt socket, snap and wedge design, different styles of products can be installed and used with each other, provide designers with greater imagination space for personalized design. In addition, the processing method is the same as that of solid wood. It can be sawed, nailed, and planed. No need to paint. Can live in immediately after install,and ordinary woodworkers can install it with ease.  It is Light and fast , and the whole house refurbishment has launched a new concept of 15-day environmental protection and fast home improvement in the decoration industry.

WPC Wall Panel brings a warm, natural and harmonious affinity to human beings with its rich texture and color effects,conquering every owner who first comes into contact with the whole house. The whole house install with WPC Wall Panel is at the international leading level in terms of decorative effect, wood texture, fast and convenient installation process, and its flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection and other properties, leading the new concept of green and fast decoration.

The reason why WPC Wall Panel has been recognized by many users is that it has many features and advantages. The construction of ordinary wall decoration materials is very complicated and requires many processes to complete, and if the construction technology is not good, it will be seriously affect the effect, but the construction of WPC Wall Panel is very simple, you only need to customize the installation in advance, and the color and combination can be freely selected, the most important thing is that it is harmless to human health and will not release too much of harmful gases, and only simple ventilation can be used for occupancy.Just need simple ventilation to move in.

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