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Comparison of wall decoration materials

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1, Advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper and wall cloth

Wallpaper: The base material is a pulp.                           Wall cloth: the base material is non-aromatic fiber fabric.

Advantages: colorful, good hand feeling, strong three-dimensional sense 

1,Easy to peel, crack and fall off. Because most of the wallpaper and wall cloth are directly attached to the surface of the paint wall . when the wall surface is damp, the wallpaper and wall cloth are easy to fall off.when the paint cracks, the wallpaper and wall cloth will also crack.
2, easy to warp the edge. No matter how well the seam is handled, it will warp the edges, and the glue and bonding will fail due to moisture within 2 years.
3. The surface is easy to change color. The surface can only be wiped with a dry towel which cannot have water, and it is easy to get fluff or holes after wiping too many times.
4, not moisture proof, not fireproof.
5. Not Eco-friendly

2, Advantages and disadvantages of pvc sheet

Advantages: suitable for kitchen and bathroom ceilings, low price.

Disadvantages: pvc is a kind of plastic, which is not Eco-friendly, not moisture proof, not fireproof, and easy to age.

Advantages and disadvantages of UV decorative board 

The surface of the UV decorative board is protected by UV light curing paint.The base materials are cement pressure board, solid wood multi-layer board, MDF,glass magnesium fireproof board.

1. Poor moisture resistance. In the humid environment of the kitchen, good moisture resistance is the most practical,
but the UV cabinet door panel does not have good moisture resistance, so the service life will not be too long.
2. Poor high temperature resistance, easy to deform, and air bulging.
3, easy to paint off. If it is bumped, it is easy to fall off the paint
. it is very troublesome to touch up the paint. All the paint surfaces must be cleaned before painting.
4, poor antibacterial properties, prone to insects.
5. Poor decoration. Because it is a flat plate, it cannot be arbitrarily shaped, and there are few patterns and three-dimensional sense.
if the seams are dirty ,we cannot be taken care of.

Advantages and disadvantages of wpc wall panel

Wpc wall panel is made  of natural bamboo and wood fiber powder and heavy calcium powder as raw materials, mixed at high temperature, passed through a high-pressure extruder, and cooled by direct condensate water , these processes make up the baseboard ; the surface of the baseboard use high temperature lamination technology to laminate the polymer film which imported from Germany.

1. Fireproof. B1 fire rating, non-combustible, and can block combustibles.
2. Moisture-proof. The whole body of the board is washable and easy to care for.It will not be deformed or faded after soaking in water for three years.
3. Sound insulation and heat preservation. Because the panel has pores, it can effectively play the role of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation. Save on heating gas costs in winter and air-conditioning electricity costs in summer.
4. If the wall is slightly cracked, the integrated wall will not be damaged.
5. Moth-proof and antibacterial. It will not be like wallpaper and wall cloth. Over time, insects and bacteria will grow.
6, E0 grade environmental protection material, non-toxic, tasteless, save time, labor and money. Without shoveling the wall or scratching white, it can be installed directly on the rough wall. A home can be installed in 7-10 days.
7. The great decoration, the patterns are rich and colorful, and the style of the whole department is casual. There are wood grain series, leather texture series, stone and rock series, wallpaper wall cloth series and other styles and colors.
8. Strong sense of three-dimensionality.

Disadvantages: it have thermal expansion and contraction problem. the flat seam is poor and the gap is more obvious. But V groove can reduce the effect of then seams when thermal expansion and contraction . because it have a v shap .Some people don't like it, but it three-dimensional effect is strong. I personally think it looks nice.

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