PVC Marble Sheet

INSOUL PVC UV Marble sheets and board are specifically formulated to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and other sources of UV rays without significant degradation.
Type: High Gloss, 3D, Matte etc.
Free samples available, factory direct, total solution for projects.
Certificate: CE, ISO9001, EN13501, EN13986, ASTM 184, ROHS, SGS
It does not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substances.

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PVC UV Marble Sheet

UV boards are panels with a UV-treated surface for protection. The raw material is PVC + calcium powder.
The conventional size of our UV board is 1220 MM * 2440 MM, 1220 MM * 2800 MM, 1220 MM * 2900 MM, etc., the thickness is 2-5MM. The length, width and thickness can be customized.
UV board can be divided into UV sheet-high gloss, UV sheet-matte, 3D painting-UV sheet.
1. The UV sheet-high gloss have a smooth, mirror-like surface.
2. The UV sheet-matte have a concave and convex surface.
3. The surface of the 3D printing board can be either smooth or concave and convex.
There are a number of advantages to UV boards. 1. Microcrystalline stone material. The surface is very finely polished and crystal clear, and the texture style is very beautiful and distinguished. 2. Good protection performance: ceramic glaze color, recyclable, mildew-free, moisture-proof, waterproof and flame retardant, good performance. 3. After high temperature firing, the surface is crystal clear, not afraid of scratching, natural texture, diverse colors.

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  • High Glossy Flexible Wall Decorative uv marble sheet
  • Custom 3D Printing Pvc Marble Sheet
  • Interior Decoration Matt Finish UV Board
  • 2023 interior decorative uv marble pvc sheet
  • 1220x2440mm 1220x2800mm High Glossy PVC UV Marble Sheet
  • Thick Pvc Artificial Marble UV Sheet

Decorative Wall Panel

Besides kinds of pvc marble sheet, we also manufacture wpc/spc wall panel and accessories.
Base board material: wood powder, bamboo powder, PVC resin powder, light calcium powder and other auxiliary materials
Certificate: CE, ISO9001, SGS
Our WPC fluted wall panels are available in a wide range of colours and can be used in the same colour as the clapboard, whether you are looking for the same colour as the wood grain, the same colour as the stone grain or the same colour as the pure colour, these panels are easy to take in Insoul.
WPC fluted wall panels are used in a wide range of applications mainly in residential homes, hotels, B&B, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. They can also be used as a ceiling material for modelling, and are mostly installed vertically in the design of the splice.
The installation of the WPC fluted panels in Insoul does not require too much treatment of the panels, and there is no need to cut the seam of the wall, which reduces a big step of the process and makes the installation very convenient. Compared with wood veneer bottom carpentry slotting, INSOUL's panels are mmuch more convenient, and workers can also save a lot of on costs. INSOUl's panels are also waterproof and damp-resistant.

  • 140 MM WPC Wall Fluted Panels
  • 152 MM WPC Wall Fluted Panel with Single Layer
  • 160 MM WPC Bamboo fiber wall panel


ZHEJIANG INSOUL HOUSEHOLD CO., LTD. was established in 2020, which predecessor is HAIYAN COUNTY YIHENG ECO-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., which was established in year 2012. It holds two branch companies ZHEJIANG YIXIN INTEGRATED HOUSEHOLD CO., LTD. and JIAXING YUNMOOD WALL PANEL CO., LTD. Company owns three brand: "INSOUL", "意述空间"" and "云木".

The wall system solution is a very important part of the total house decoration system. INSOUL aims to create a complete wall system solution for you, including color matching, styling design, lighting effects, seamless edge trim, Insoul wall panels can perfectly solve all your wall problems. Insoul wall panels are easy and quick to install and also have great advantages in home renovations.
Choose INSOUL as soon as possible, and let the troubles of various wall problems leave you as early as possible.


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  • Q: Do you offer free samples?

    A: We provide free samples, but the freight charges is taken by customers..

  • Q: How many days can you send samples to us?

    A: Within 5 days after your confirmation.

  • Q: Do you offer installation instructions?

    A: Yes, we have both drawing instruction and video.


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