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Looking at the decoration of other people’s homes, low-key luxury has connotation, and the decoration of your own home has always been simple and rudimentary. do not worry! Three ways to get rid of design troubles!

Method 1: Solve the storage problem: Each room needs a variety of space for storing furniture, books, debris, etc., but the general drawers are not good-looking, annoying? Take it easy! The hollowed-out display rack design allows you to store your TV sets, books, and other items without losing fashion style. Is it the best of both worlds?

Method 2: Solve the lighting problem: a room must have lighting, how to choose the most suitable lighting system, has it ever caused you headaches? It’s ok! Two small bedside lamps with a beautiful chandelier will fill your room with energy!

Method 3. Solve the problem of wall design: how to make the room look connotative? Wall design is the key. Choosing your favorite background color and styled paintings are definitely your best choice, which saves money and reflects the connotation of the room! why not?





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